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Chris Cross


Chris Cross_Referenzen_The_Two_Sides_of_Life_colourChris Cross_Referenzen_The_Two_Sides_of_Life

Numerous Showacts

2015 - 2018

Chris Cross has performed on national and international stages for well-known companies.

Chris Cross_Referenzen_Quadrat_SupertalentChris Cross_Referenzen_Quadrat_Supertalent_coulored

Das Supertalent


Chris Cross was invited to the RTL TV Show "Das Supertalent" and inspired the jurors.

Chris Cross_Referenzen_WCOPA_colourChris Cross_Referenzen_WCOPA

World Champion of Performing Arts


Chris Cross is the first Austrian in history who win the gold medal for Austria at the World Championship of Performing Arts in Los Angeles.

Chris Cross_Referenzen_Dancestar_World_Tour_colourChris Cross_Referenzen_Dancestar_World_Tour

DanceStar World Champion

2009 - 2016

Chris Cross is multiple European and World Champion in Urban Dance Styles.

Chris Cross_Referenzen_Tenri_University_colourChris Cross_Referenzen_Tenri_University

Gastdozent in Japan


Chris Cross was invited to Japan as a guest teacher at Tenri University to teach future stage dancers.